The Best Valentine’s Day app for Android FREE

Whether you want to express your devotion to a loved one on Valentine’s Day or simply want to revel in romance, these apps are our top picks.

It’s almost the time of year that’s synonymous with romance, courtship, and declarations of love. Whether it’s sending cards, gifts of red roses, chocolates, or jewelry, or a trip out with some wining and dining, there are plenty of ways that people celebrate the day and take the opportunity to show their love to that special someone. If you’re still wondering what occasion we’re talking about, it’s Valentine’s Day on February 14!

Many people across the world will be enjoying precious time with a loved one, or perhaps braving themselves to approach someone they admire. However, it’s not always easy to think of ideas or find the right words so with this in mind we’ve got a selection of the best Valentine’s Day apps for Android that will help out.

Whether you’ve already been hit by Cupid’s arrow or are hoping to find love, this selection of Saint Valentine’s Day apps should have you covered. Most of these apps are free to download and free to use and only a few have in-app purchases (IAPs) for additional features. However, in the majority of cases, the IAPs are not necessary. It’s time to check them out and get ready for love!

What are the best apps for Valentine?


Price: Free with ads

If you want to stretch Valentine’s Day across a whole week, this app from Greetings Card Creator is a nice pick. As well as Happy Valentine’s Day cards you can send greetings for Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day, Confession Day and more. The app also contains all kinds of quotes to share with your loved one, for example for Promise Day, Hug Day, Perfume Day and others.

With Valentine Day Special you can use a photo from your camera or select an image from the gallery, add Valentine’s Day frame or perhaps a sticker, save, and then share to social media if you choose. It’s easy to adjust the photo to fit the frames as you can zoom your photo with a simple gesture, and you can also add a name or text to the photo frame.

Download Valentine Day Special


Price: Free with ads

Maybe you feel you need to get into the mood for Valentine’s Day, in which case this live wallpaper app should definitely do that. There are hearts, hearts, and more hearts, that go from small to large, are pierced by an arrow, and then burst so the cycle starts all over again. It’s easy to set the beautiful wallpaper and although the lite version is free you might want to opt for the premium paid version for more.

With the full version, you can show your own message or image inside the heart, set the color of your choice, and more. It’s a simple app that can be enjoyed in the approach to the big day and of course on Valentine’s Day itself.

Download Hearts live wallpaper

3. Badoo – Meet New People

*Editor’s choice* Price: Free with ads/ IAP

If you’re still single and looking for someone, then hurry to register in one of the best social networks app for dating. It has already registered more than 200 million people. For authorization, you can use your Facebook account.

Download Badoo – Meet New People App


Price: Free with ads

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day you’re likely to be a sentimental person who would really enjoy this app. It’s used as a record of your relationship, showing when you met, special days and occasions, and perhaps even your marriage day, and shows the time (right down to the second) that you’ve been together. You can create a personalized notification and there’s a handy widget for quick access.

This app provides a lovely way to remember treasured time spent together, and as a nice touch, your relationship history can be shared with your loved one, who might be surprised at just how much you care.

Download All About Us

5. Love Messages

Price: Free with ads

Love Messages, as the name suggests, includes lots of romantic messages that you can pick to send to your loved ones on this Valentines Day. Love compatibility check also included which is based on astrology.

Download Love Messages App


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This app enables you to create your own artwork for the one you love, using a coloring bookwith thousands of images. You can choose love letters, messages, and quotes, or romantic, sweet images. You simply select the image you like, fill the pixels from the palette, and then embellish your cards with stickers including flowers, lips, hearts, and kisses, and cute animals such as a teddy bear, kitten, panda and more.

When you’ve created your work of art you can then share it with your special someone via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. We’ll point out that some features require in-app purchases. However, at the time of writing there is free unlimited access to all premium content.

Download Love Color by Number

7. Fingerprint Love Test Scanner

Price: Free with ads

Fingerprint Love Test Scanner scans the fingerprints of two people and analyzes the love compatibility between them … if you want to believe it, of course. But, hey, don’t take the results seriously. It’s a fun prank app to have a good time, nothing else, and it can certainly also be a good friend if you are trying to attract someone special and need an excuse to take the plunge.

Download Fingerprint Love Test Scanner


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The Happy Couple quiz app provides a bit of fun for couples who want to see just how much they really know each other and learn a little more. There are 10 questions a day to respond to (5 for each person) from 6 categories, and you’ll then each guess the other’s answers, some of which may surprise you.

The idea is that this will prompt further dialogue about your emotions and what you each want for the future. If you want to intensify your current relationship and perhaps take it a step further, this could be the app for you.

Download Happy Couple – love quiz

9. Touchnote Postcards

Price: Free

Touchnote Postcards is an application that allows you to send postcards to any of your contacts through your phone. Choose a photo from your device, add text, rotate or crop the image to your liking and turns it into a real postcard, and then have delivered right to your beloved’s door.

Download Touchnote Postcards App


Price: Free with ads

Emojis can add just the right touch to your messages to a loved one and this simple app does it well. It provides a wide variety of love emojis and stickers along with others such as hearts, kisses, sad, happy, flirty, naughty, and beauty emojis, rose stickers, love quotes, and more. You can share them easily through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Skype, Gmail, WeChat, LINE, and others.

There’s a good choice of emojis and at least one is likely to be just the one you’re looking for to express how you’re feeling at the time.

Download Valentine Day Love Emojis

11. Sweet Heart Live Wallpaper

Price: Free with ads

Sweet Heart Live Wallpaper is a set of live wallpapers with nice and pretty graphics, some more attractive, other more elegant… in the end for everyone to rejoice on this day at your convenience.

Download Sweet Heart Live Wallpaper


Price: Free with ads

If you simply can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and want to tick off the days as they go by, this countdown app will help you do just that. There’s not too much to say about it as it’s a pretty basic app, but it will show you a countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds, with some romantic music and changeable background wallpapers.

Download Valentine’s Day Countdown

13. Valentine day Ringtone

Price: Free with ads

If you are looking for a perfect ringtone, suitable for Valentine’s Day, consider installing this ringtone downloader application you can make your phone ring in the most romantic and mellow tones imaginable.

Download Valentine day Ringtone App


Price: Free

If you want to be reminded about Valentine’s Day every time you look at your smartphone, this love and hearts keyboard theme with gradients and 3D effects certainly does the trick. It features Smart Search and Smart Reply, with auto-correct, and covers 85 languages across 138 countries, with more than 3000 keyboard themes.

The keyboard app supports gesture and voice typing and also gifs and emojis. It’s an appealing app that will warm your heart each time you use your device.

Download Valentine’s Day Love Keyboard Theme

15. Love Test Astro Horoscope

Price: Free with ads

An application to study the love compatibility between you and your loved ones. Enter some data, such as names and birthdays, and the application will calculate the type of relationship between the two based on zodiac signs. Love horoscope will help you to laugh a bit and break the ice at meetings. Another Android app for just only fun, so don’t take it seriously.

Download Love Test Astro Horoscope App


Price: Free with ads

This app has been downloaded more than 10 millions times so it must be doing something right. It should be regarded as a game only, although in this respect it has plenty to offer. The love calculator uses an algorithm to show your compatibility percentage with the one you love, whether your zodiacs match, with love match by name, birthdays, fingerprint test scanner and more.

That’s not all, as the app also includes over 100 love quotes as well as numerous romantic messages, love photos and images, love stickers, love fonts, wallpapers and more. It’s an enjoyable app that’s not to be taken too seriously and it provides some fun entertainment that could get people talking.

Download Love Test calculator

17. Tom’s Love Letters

Price: Free with ads

Here you will find the now famous cat Tom and his beautiful girlfriend, Angela. With the app, you can send beautifully designed postcards, featuring this famous couple, to your loved ones. After you create your postcard with Tom Love Letters you can send it by email, Facebook or even save it as a picture for printing. Hugs, kisses and romantic melodies put the icing on this application for romantics and romantic.

Download Tom’s Love Letters App

Wrapping Up

You may be trying to pluck up the courage to make that first move, or perhaps you’ve already found the love of your life. Either way, Valentine’s Day is the day to show how much they mean to you. You might be able to sweep him or her off their feet by whisking them away for a romantic break or buying some expensive jewelry but it should be said that small personal touches often mean just as much. That’s where one or more of our best Valentine’s Day apps for Android could be useful. Let us know which of these Valentine’s Day apps you like best, and in the meantime, we’ll end by saying, Happy Loving!

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